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O’Leary: Mitchell giving trust to rookie receivers

5 hours ago | Chris O'Leary
He’s overcome an injury that cost him seven games this year and returned to find his team hovering around .500, after becoming accustomed to the view of the CFL from the top of its perch.  If ...

Prediction Time: writers make their Week 15 picks

6 hours ago | Staff
One team gets a unanimous pick to win while two others have all but one individual backing them. The writers make their picks for Week 15.

September Rookie Report: Hunchak, Smith trending up

8 hours ago | Marshall Ferguson
Argos defensive end Robbie Smith and Stamps receiver Colton Hunchak have earned themselves full-time starting roles as Marshall Ferguson looks back on the 2019 CFL Draft.

Nye: Alouettes on a roll down the final stretch

10 hours ago | Jamie Nye
They’ve been one of the hottest teams in the CFL as of late and as’s Jamie Nye writes, the Montreal Alouettes are the ones to watch heading towards the playoffs.

Long Read: Chasing CFL folklore in the form of a beer can

14 hours ago | Paul Woods
It is one of the most iconic plays in Grey Cup history with one big mystery surrounding it — who threw the infamous beer can at Rocket Ismail? Now we know … sort of.

CFL Fantasy Podcast, Ep. 43: MacBeth’s greatest act

18 hours ago | Staff
The Argos continue to put up big numbers offensively, so why aren’t they getting more respect? More from Pat Steinberg, Hannah Nordman and Jeff Krever with the CFL Fantasy Podcast.
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Grossman: McGill coach inspiring players to go beyond average

Now a coach at McGill University, Joe Hagins is inspiring his players to reach their full potential.’s David Grossman writes.