The 2017 CFL free agency period officially opens at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. Below lists the players who will become CFL free agents should they not re-sign with their current respective team. The status column indicates whether a player has re-signed with his team or is still bound for the open market.

Note: The list does not include players who were free agents or released by their clmubs before the end of the regular season (ie. Duron Carter) as the list is exclusively for pending free agents.

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Bedard, Martin FB National
Bede, Boris K International Re-signed (02/14/17)
Blanc, Jean Samuel DL  National Extended (12/22/16)
Boulay, Nicolas LB National Extended (02/14/17)
Brodeur-Jourdain, Luc OL  National Extended (01/18/17)
Brouillette, Marc-Olivier LB National Signed with SSK (02/15/17)
Cash, Alan-Michael DL International  Signed with TOR (03/23/17)
Durant, Darian QB International Acquired in Trade (01/12/17) | Extended (01/19/17)
Evans, Dequin DL International Signed with BC (02/15/17)
Fera, Anthony K International
Finley, Jeffrey DL National Signed with TOR (02/14/17)
Graves, Kyle WR National Extended (02/14/17)
Hebert, Kyries LB International Extended (02/13/17)
Henry, Marcus WR International
Hollins, Tyree LB International
Johnson, Jovon CB International Re-signed (02/20/17)
Joseph, Jesse DT National Extended (01/26/17)
Klassen, Michael DL National Re-signed (02/16/17)
Knapton, Gabriel DL International Extended (02/10/17)
Lavarias, Aaron DL International
Lewis, Nik WR International Extended (01/04/17)
Parker, Billy DB International Retired (01/31/17)
Rutley, Brandon RB International Re-signed (02/20/17) 
Townsend, Daryl DB National Re-signed (02/15/17) (Unconfirmed)
Venable, Winston LB International Signed with TOR (02/14/17)
White, Ryan OL National Signed with SSK (02/15/17)


Boyett, John DB International Released (01/27/17)
Deane, J’Michael OL National Signed with TOR (03/13/17)
Early, Ray K International Extended (01/27/17)
Ellingson, Greg WR International Extended (02/10/17)
Gavins, Jerrell DB International Extended (02/13/17)
Hightower, Forrest DB International Released (01/04/17) (NFL)
Hopkins, Moton DL International Re-signed (03/09/17)
Jackson, Ernest WR International Signed with MTL (02/16/17)
Jackson, Tristan DB International
Kanneh, Abdul DB International Signed with HAM (02/14/17)
LaFrance, Kienan RB National Signed with SSK (02/14/17)
Laing, Cleyon DL National Released (12/08/16)
Lattanzio, Ettore DL  National Extended (12/21/16)
MacDonell, Scott WR National Re-signed (02/22/17)
MacMillan, Nolan OL National Extended (02/14/17)
Marshall, Andrew OL National Extended (01/11/17)
Moore, Mike DL International Extended (01/27/17)
O’Brien, Danny QB International
Paden, Khalil WR International Signed with TOR (02/21/17)
Powell, William RB International Extended (01/31/17) 
Pruneau, Antoine DB  National Extended (12/14/16)
Reed, Taylor LB International Extended (01/10/17)
Richards, Jeff DB International Released (01/04/17) (NFL)
Romick, Nigel DL  National Extended (12/21/16)
Smith, Jamill WR International
Taylor, Nicholas DB International Extended (01/27/17)
Van, Travon RB International Signed with EDM (02/16/17)
West, Dan DB  National Extended (12/18/16)
White, Mitchell DB International Released (01/04/17) (NFL)
Whiteside, Aston DL International Signed with EDM (02/16/17)
Williams, Chris WR International Signed with BC (02/17/17)



Black, Matt DB National Re-signed (02/17/17)
Carter, Michael DB National
Coombs, Anthony RB National Extended (01/11/17)
Dupuis, Alexandre FB National Signed with EDM (02/14/17)
Durie, Andre WR National
Elsworth, Kyler LB International
Green, Isaiah DB International
Greenwood, Cory LB National Signed with EDM (03/08/17)
Hajrullahu, Lirim K National Extended (01/11/17)
Hall, Bryan DT International Signed with CGY (03/16/17)
Hickman, Justin DE International
Holmes, Tyler OL National Extended (01/13/17)
Isaac, Brandon LB International
Jefferson, AJ CB International Signed with OTT (02/14/17)
LeFevour, Dan QB International Signed with WPG (02/16/17)
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi CB International Re-Signed (02/27/27)
Reinhart, Jake LB National Extended (12/05/16)
Robertson, Tracy DL International
Shaw, Kenny WR International Signed with OTT (02/14/17)
Smith, Devin CB International
Spencer, Diontae WR International Signed with OTT (02/14/17)
Van Roten, Greg OL International Signed NFL deal (02/27/17)
Van Zeyl, Chris OL National Extended (01/31/17)
Whitaker, Brandon RB International  Re-signed (03/30/17)
Yurichuk, James LB National



Adams, Johnny DB International Signed with EDM (03/16/17)
Aprile, Giovanni WR National Extended (02/13/17)
Chiles, John WR International
Coates, Matt WR National Signed with WPG (02/14/17)
Daly, Michael DB National Extended (12/20/16)
Davis, Emanuel DB International Re-signed (02/15/17)
Elliott, Kevin WR International Re-signed (03/02/17)
Fantuz, Andy WR National
Fulton, Xavier OL International Extended (02/08/17)
Harris, Jacory QB International Signed with MTL (02/15/17)
Herbert, Shane DB National
Landry, Beau LB National Signed with CGY (02/15/17)
Lawrence, Kendial RB International Signed with EDM (02/14/17)
Maher, Brett K International
Mathews, Jeff QB International Signed with TOR (02/14/17) 
Murray, Rico DB International Signed with TOR (03/03/17)
Nevis, Drake DL International Signed with WPG (02/14/17)
Omara, Ron LB National Signed with OTT (02/14/17) (Unconfirmed)
Owens, Chad WR International Signed with SSK (02/15/17)
Page, Cleshawn DB International Re-signed with HAM (03/02/17)
Raymond, Keon LB International
Rice, Landon OL National Extended (01/10/17)
Richardson, Louie DL National
Robinson, Jermaine DB International
Scott, Da’Rel RB International
Sears, Johnny DB International Signed with TOR (02/18/17)
Toliver, Terrence WR International Extended (02/13/17)
Woodson, Anthony RB National Signed with CGY (02/17/17)



Adams, Darvin WR International Extended (01/16/17)
Bass, Khalil LB International Signed with OTT (02/14/17)
Briggs, Jesse LB National Extended (02/13/17)
Bryant, Stanley OL International Extended (01/03/17)
Burnett, Tony LB International Signed with BC (02/14/17)
Cummings, Euclid DL International Signed with EDM (02/27/17)
Davis, Dominique QB International Extended (01/04/17)
Denmark, Clarence WR International Re-Signed (02/17/17)
Glenn, Kevin QB International Released (01/06/17)
Gurley, Tori WR International  Signed with OTT (04/04/17)
Harris, Macho DB International
Hurl, Sam LB National Re-signed (02/14/17)
Keeping, Jeff OL National
Kohlert, Rory WR National Signed with CGY (02/16/17)
McDuffie, Quincy WR International Released (01/31/17) (NFL)
Medlock, Justin K International Extended (01/03/17)
Nichols, Matt QB International Extended (01/18/17)
Rempel, Chad WR National Extended (12/19/16)
Sheppard, Gerrard WR International Extended (01/04/17)
Sherman, Teague DB National
Tuck, James FB National Signed with TOR (02/15/17)



Ainsworth, Dylan LB National Released (01/27/17)
Alexandre, Gregory DL National
Bates, Phil WR International
Brown, Ivan DL National Extended (02/01/17) 
Chambers, Shamawd WR National Released (01/27/17)
Chevrier, Randy LB National
Coleman, Thaddeus OL International Re-signed (02/17/17) 
Foster, Otha DB International Released (01/27/17) (NFL) 
Fuller, Jeff WR International Signed with TOR (02/16/17)
Gale, Mitchell QB International Released (01/27/17) | Signed with CGY (02/15/17)
Hecht, Jeff DB National Re-signed (03/08/17)
Hus, Jorgen LS National Re-signed (03/07/17)
Irvin, Corvey DL International Signed with WPG (03/13/17) 
Jackson, Buddy DB International Released (12/01/16)
Jefferson, Willie DL International Extended (01/20/17)
Knox Jr., Jeff LB International Released (01/14/17)
Lue, Andrew DB National Signed with EDM (02/14/17)
Roy, Bryn LB National
Steele, Curtis RB International Released (01/27/17)
Walter, Matt RB National Released (12/01/16)
Webster, Matt  DB National Signed with TOR (02/17/17)
Williams, Jonathan DL International



Beltre, Frank LB International Released (01/09/17)
Berger, Adam DB National Signed with OTT (02/14/17) (Unconfirmed)
Boudreaux, Brandon DL International
Bucknor, Matt DB International Signed with BC (02/15/17)
Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon WR National
Cote, Rob RB National Re-signed (02/18/17)
D’Aguilar, Ben DL National Extended (02/01/17)
Dennis, Derek OL International Signed with SSK (02/14/17) 
Federkeil, Dan OL National Re-signed (02/17/17) 
Grant, Bakari WR International Signed with SSK (02/21/17)
Hughes, Charleston DL International Extended (12/21/16)
Johnson, Micah DL International Extended (02/14/17)
Jorden, Kamar WR International Extended (01/03/17)
Lavertu, Pierre OL National Extended (01/24/17)
Law, Cordarro DL International Extended (12/22/16)
Love, Glenn LB International Signed with SSK (02/21/17)
Maver, Rob P National Extended (12/09/16)
McDaniel, Marquay WR International Extended (02/14/17)
Minter, Zach DL International Signed with SSK (02/21/17)
Paredes. Rene K National Extended (12/09/16)
Power, Charlie RB National Extended (12/12/16)
Smith, Quinn DL National Extended (01/03/17) 
Thibault, Adam DB National Extended (12/14/16)
Thorn, Cameron OL National Extended (12/13/16)
West, Joe WR International
Wilson, Greg WR International



Adjei, Natay WR National  Extended (02/10/17)
Bailey, Devon WR National
Batiste, D’Anthony OL International
Bell, Shakir RB International
DeMarco, Thomas QB International Released (12/13/16)
Getzlaf, Chris WR National
Howard, Marcus DL International Extended (02/09/17) 
Hunt, Phillip DL International Re-signed (02/15/17)
Lacey, Deon LB International Released (01/03/17) (NFL)
Milton, Aaron RB National Signed with SSK (02/15/17)
Muamba, Cauchy DB National
Ojo, John DB International
Oramasionwu, Don DL National Signed with MTL (02/16/17)
Parks, Cord DB International
Shaw, Grant K National
Stoudermire, Troy CB International
Thompson, Brandyn DB International Extended (01/30/17)
Vega, Jason DL International Released (12/13/16)
Derel Walker WR International Released (01/05/17) (NFL)
Washington, Tony OL International Extended (12/14/16)
Watkins, Patrick CB International
Whyte, Sean K National Extended (12/13/16)
Young, Marcell DB International Extended (02/01/17)



Allen, Anthony RB International
Bazzie, Alex DL International Released (01/09/17)
Benson, Mike LS National Extended (12/19/16)
Brooks, Mic’hael DL International Re-signed (02/14/17)
Burnham, Bryan WR International Extended (02/12/17)
Clarke, Steven DB International Extended (01/31/17)
Elimimian, Solomon LB International Extended (12/21/16) 
Gaitor, Anthony DB International Released (01/09/17)
Iannuzzi, Marco WR National Re-signed (02/14/17)
Johnson, Jeremiah RB International Extended (12/16/16)
Kankolongo, Nehemie LB National Extended (12/19/16)
Lee, TJ DB International Extended (02/10/17)
Leone, Richie K International Released (01/03/17) (NFL)
Lokombo, Bo LB National Released (01/30/17) (NFL)
Lumbala, Rolly FB National Extended (01/05/17) 
McCallum, Paul K National
Moore, Nick WR International Extended (01/09/17)
O’Neill, Tim OL National Retired (02/10/17) 
Parker, Keynan S National Extended (01/04/17)
Sinkfield Jr., Terrell WR International
Steward, Hunter OL National Extended (02/09/17)
Turner, Bryant DE International Extended (02/06/17)
Westerman, Jabar DL National  Signed with MTL (02/15/17)
Yell, Ronnie DB International  Re-signed (02/14/17)