The 2018 CFL free agency period officially opens at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. Below lists the active players who will become CFL free agents should they not re-sign with their current respective team. The status column indicates whether a player has re-signed with his team or is still bound for the open market. Note: The list does not include players who were free agents or released by their clubs before the end of the regular season as the list is exclusively for pending free agents.




ACKIE, Chris N DB Wilfrid Laurier Extended with MTL (01/15/18)
ADEKOLU, Stephen N WR Bishop’s  Re-signed with MTL (02/20/18)
BEDARD, Martin N FB Connecticut Extended with MTL (01/18/18) 
BEDE, Boris I K Laval Extended with MTL (02/13/18)
BLAKE, Philip N OL Baylor Extended with MTL (02/09/18)
BROWN, Vincent I OL Pittsburg State Released by MTL (01/22/18)
CAMPBELL, Tevaughn N DB Regina  Extended by MTL (02/13/18)
CARROLL, Alex N WR Queen’s Released by MTL (01/22/18)
CARTER, Michael N DB Maryland Extended with MTL (01/15/18)
CHARLAND, Mikael N DB Concordia Extended with MTL (01/18/18)
FULTON, Xavier I OL Illinois  Extended with MTL (02/13/18)
GREAVES, Christopher N OL Western University Signed with BC (02/13/18)
HAIDARA, Seydou Junior N WR Laval Re-signed with MTL (02/13/18)
HARRIS, Jacory I QB Miami
LEWIS, Jeremy I OL Miami Released by MTL (01/22/18)Signed by BC (02/13/18)
MCLENNAN, Ivan I DL Washington State
MINCY, Jonathan I DB Auburn Released by MTL (12/04/17), signed with CHI (NFL)
NORTHRUP, Reggie I LB Florida State
O’HALLORAN, Nathan N FB Windsor Released by MTL (01/22/18)
ORAMASIONWU, Donald N DT Manitoba
PIERZCHALSKI, Alex N WR Toronto Retired (01/03/18)
SIMMONS, Brian I OL Oklahoma
STEWART, Brandon I DB Eastern Arizona JC
SUTTON, Tyrell I RB Northwestern Extended with MTL (01/08/18)
TERMANSEN, Dominique N DB UBC Signed with BC (02/13/18) 
VONK, Matt N OL Waterloo Extended with MTL (02/13/18)
WILLY, Drew I QB Buffalo Re-signed with MTL (02/14/18)


ALBRIGHT, Matthew N OL Saint Mary’s
BERGER, Adam N DB Simon Fraser  Signed with CGY (02/13/18)
BOLDUC, Jean-Philippe N DB Laval Extended with OTT (12/4/17)
BRYANT, Serderius I LB Mississippi
CRINER, Juron I WR Arizona Signed with EDM (02/16/18)
DOLL, Tanner N LB Calgary Re-signed with OTT (02/14/18)
EVANS, Zack N DL Regina Thunder Jrs Signed with SSK (02/13/18)
GAVINS, Jerrell I DB Boise State
GILLANDERS, Brendan N FB Ottawa Extended with OTT (12/4/17)
HARRIS, Trevor I QB Edinboro Extended with OTT (12/13/17)
HARTY, Jake N WR Calgary Signed with SSK (02/18/18)
JOHNSON, Keelan I DB Arizona State Signed with BC (02/16/18)
JONES, Greg I LB Michigan State
MACMILLAN, Nolan N OL Iowa Extended with OTT (02/07/18)
MADU, Mossis I RB Oklahoma Extended with OTT (01/18/18)
MAHER, Brett I K Nebraska
MATEAS, Alex N OL Connecticut Extended with OTT (01/24/18)
POWELL, William I RB Kansas State Extended with OTT (01/15/18)
REED, Taylor I LB Southern Methodist  Signed with TOR (02/20/18)
ROSE, Jonathan I DB Nebraska Extended with OTT (02/12/18)
SILAS, Jake I OL Buffalo
SINOPOLI, Brad N WR Ottawa Extended with OTT (11/30/17)
SPENCER, Diontae I WR McNeese State Extended with OTT (02/07/18)
TAYLOR, Nicholas I DB Florida International Released by OTT (01/08/17)
WEST, Dan N DB Bishop’s


BASS, Khalil I LB Portland State Re-signed with TOR (02/18/18)
BISHOP, Ken I DL Northern Illinois Extended with TOR (02/06/18)
BLACK, Matt N DB Saginaw Valley State Extended with TOR (02/12/18)
EDWARDS, Armanti I WR Appalachian State Extended with TOR (01/15/18)
FAJARDO, Cody I QB Nevada Signed with BC (02/15/18)
FRANKLIN, James I QB Missouri Extended with TOR (01/05/18)
FULLER, Jeff I WR Texas A&M Re-signed with TOR (02/18/18)
GABRIEL, Jermaine N DB Bishop’s  Extended with TOR (02/13/18)
GREEN, S.J. I WR South Florida Extended with TOR (02/05/18)
HAJRULLAHU, Lirim N K Western University  Signed with HAM (02/13/18)
LAING, Cleyon N DL Iowa State Extended with TOR (01/09/18)
MITCHELL, Josh I DB Nebraska
MURRAY, Derico I LB Kent State  Signed with OTT (02/14/18)
OWUSU-ANSAH, Akwasi I DB Indiana of PA
POSEY, DeVier I WR Ohio State Released by TOR (02/02/18)
RAY, Ricky I QB Sacramento State Extended with TOR (02/02/18)
SEARS JR., Johnny I DB Michigan Extended with TOR (02/13/18) 
VAUGHN, Cassius I DB Mississippi Extended with TOR (02/12/18)
WALKER, Cameron N DL Guelph  Signed with OTT (02/15/18)
WAUD, Daryl N DL Western University Signed with OTT (02/20/18)
WHITAKER, Brandon I RB Baylor
WHITE, Mitchell I DB Michigan State Signed with MTL (02/14/18)
WOODS, Bear I LB Troy Re-signed with TOR (02/20/18)


ATKINSON, Michael N DL Boise State
BANKS, Brandon I WR Kansas State Extended with HAM (01/05/18)
BARNETT, Mitchell N LB UBC  Signed with OTT (02/13/18)
CAPICCIOTTI, Justin N DL Simon Fraser Extended with HAM (02/01/18)
COLLINS, Jasper I WR Mount Union College
DEAN, Larry I LB Valdosta State  Extended with HAM (02/13/18)
ELLIS, Dominique I DB South Carolina State Signed with MTL (02/13/18) 
GILL, Evan N DL Manitoba
GOLSON, Everett I QB Florida State
LANGA, Jonathan N DB Saint Mary’s Extended with HAM (01/08/18)
LAURENT, Ted N DL Mississippi  Extended with HAM (02/13/18)
MASOLI, Jeremiah I QB Mississippi Extended with HAM (01/04/17)
PRIME, Carl-Olivier N FB Wagner College
SHORTILL, Nicholas N LB McMaster Extended with HAM (02/13/18)
TASKER, Luke I WR Cornell Extended with HAM (02/12/18)
WASHINGTON, Demond I DB Auburn  Extended with HAM (02/02/18)
WASHINGTON, Tony I OL Abilene Christian  Extended with HAM (02/05/18)


BOND, Travis I OL North Carolina  Signed with SSK (02/14/18)
BRYANT, Stanley I OL East Carolina Extended with WPG (12/12/17)
DENMARK, Clarence I WR Arkansas Monticello
DRESSLER, Weston I WR North Dakota Extended with WPG (12/19/17)
FEOLI GUDINO, Julian N WR Laval  Signed with OTT (02/14/18)
FOGG, Kevin I DB Liberty Extended with WPG (02/12/18) 
FOKETI, Manase I OL West Texas A&M Extended with WPG (12/26/17)
HEATH, TJ I DB Jacksonville State Signed (02/14/18)
HURL, Sam N LB Calgary  Signed with SSK (02/14/18)
KNOX, Kyle I LB Fresno State Signed with MTL (02/19/18)
LEFEVOUR, Dan I QB Central Michigan Retired (02/10/18)
LEGGETT, Maurice I DB Valdosta State Extended with WPG (02/06/18)
MEDLOCK, Justin I K/P UCLA Extended with WPG (11/30/17)
NEVIS, Drake I DL Louisiana State Extended with WPG (12/28/17)
NORMAND, Christophe N FB Laval  Signed with EDM (02/21/18)
RANDLE, Chris I DB Utah State Extended with WPG (01/19/18)
THOMAS, Jake N DL Acadia
WESTERMAN, Jamaal N DL Rutgers  Signed in MTL (02/14/18)
WILD, Ian I LB Mercyhurst College Extended with WPG (01/08/18)


BAILEY, Devon N WR St. Francis Xavier  Extended by SSK (08/02/18)
BELL, Shakir I RB Indiana State  Released by SSK (02/01/18)
BRIDGE, Brandon N QB South Alabama Extended with SSK (12/20/17)
CAMPBELL, Bruce I OL Maryland
CARTER, Duron I WR Florida Atlantic Extended with SSK (01/22/18)
CLARK, Dan N OL Regina Jrs. Extended with SSK (02/13/18)
COLEMAN, Thaddeus I OL Mississippi Valley State Extended with SSK (12/21/17)
DEMSKI, Nic N WR Manitoba Signed with WPG (02/13/18)
FOSTER, Otha I DB West Alabama  Signed with BC (02/14/18)
GETZLAF, Chris N WR Regina Retired (01/04/18)
JEFFERSON, Willie I DL Stephen F. Austin State Extended with SSK (01/04/17)
JOHNSON, Jovon I DB Iowa Extended with SSK (12/21/17)
KNOX JR., Jeff I LB California U. of PA Released by SSK (01/31/18) 
LEONARD, AC I DL Tennessee State  Signed with OTT (02/13/18)
MINTER, Zach I DL Montana State Released by SSK (12/08/17)
MOORE, Spencer N FB McMaster Re-signed with SSK (02/13/18)
MORRIS, Greg N RB New Mexico Military Institute  Signed with TOR (02/15/18)
MRABURE, Ese N DL Wilfrid Laurier Signed with CGY (02/13/18) 
ONTKO, Cameron I LB Cal Poly
RODGERS, Kacy I DB Miami Released by SSK (02/03/18)
STEELE, Eddie N DL Manitoba Re-signed with SSK (03/14/18)
VAN GYLSWYK, Quinn N K UBC Signed with MTL (02/19/18)


BELL, Josh I DB Baylor Retired (02/01/18)
BURNETT, Joe I DB Central Florida Signed with MTL (02/13/18) 
CAMPBELL, Tommie I DB California U. of PA Signed with MTL (02/13/18)
CARON, Pierre-Luc N LS Laval Extended with CGY (01/11/18) 
COTE, Rob N RB Calgary Colts Retired (01/23/18)
DANIELS, DaVaris I WR Notre Dame Extended with CGY (02/12/18)
DAVIS, Ja’Gared I DL Southern Methodist Extended with CGY (01/29/18)
DURANT, Lemar N WR Simon Fraser Extended with CGY (12/18/17)
ERDOS, Bradley N OL Simon Fraser Extended with CGY (12/21/17)
EVANS, Ciante I DB Nebraska Extended with CGY (02/17/18)
FINCH, Roy I RB Oklahoma  Extended with CGY (02/13/18)
FRASER, Kashawn I DL Central Michigan
HARRIS, Maleki I LB South Alabama Re-signed with CGY (03/19/18)
JORDEN, Kamar I WR Bowling Green State Extended with CGY (15/12/17)
KLASSEN, Michael N DL Calgary Signed with OTT (02/20/18)
KOHLERT, Rory N WR Saskatchewan Signed with EDM (02/21/18) 
LANGLAIS, William N RB Sherbrooke Extended with CGY (12/12/17)
MAYO, Deron I LB Old Dominion Re-signed with CGY (02/13/18)
MESSAM, Jerome N RB Graceland Signed with SSK (02/14/18)
PARKER, Anthony N WR Calgary  Extended with CGY (02/12/18)
RICHARDS, Randy I OL Missouri State Extended with CGY (12/22/17)
RICHARDSON, Shaquille I DB Arizona Signed NFL deal with Oakland (01/10/18)
SMITH, Brandon I DB Sacramento State Extended with CGY (12/20/17)
THORN, Cameron N OL Guelph
WALL, Jamar I DB Texas Tech Extended with CGY (02/08/18)
WIGGAN, Derek N DL Queen’s Extended with CGY (12/11/17) 
WOODSON, Anthony N RB Calgary


ADAMS, Johnny I DB Michigan State Extended with EDM (02/13/18)
BEARD, David N OL Alberta  Extended with EDM (01/09/18)
CUMMINGS, Euclid I DT Georgia Tech  Signed with BC (02/13/18)
DELAHUNT, John N TE Connecticut
DUPUIS, Alexandre N FB Montreal
FIGUEROA, Joel I OL Miami Signed with BC (02/13/18)
GABLE, CJ I RB USC Extended with EDM (12/12/17)
GROULX, Danny N OL Laval Released by EDM (01/22/18)
GRYMES, Aaron I DB Idaho Re-signed with EDM (02/19/18)
HAZELTON, Vidal I WR Cincinnati Extended with EDM (02/15/18)
HIGHTOWER, Forrest I DB San Jose State Extended with EDM (02/13/19)
HOFFMAN-ELLIS, Alex I LB Washington State
HUNT, Phillip I DL Houston Released by EDM (01/22/18)
JONES, Korey I LB Wyoming  Extended with EDM (08/02/18)
KELLY, Colin I OL Oregon State Extended with EDM (12/13/17)
KING, Neil N DB Saint Mary’s Extended with EDM (01/24/18)
KONAR, Adam N LB Calgary Re-signed with EDM (02/13/18) 
LADLER, Kenneth I DB Vanderbilt Signed NFL deal with Washington (01/09/18)
LAWRENCE, Kendial I RB Missouri
LOCHARD, Pascal N RB Laval  Extended with EDM (08/02/18)
MUAMBA, Cauchy N DB St. Francis Xavier Released by EDM (01/22/18)
O’NEILL, Hugh N P Alberta
PARRISH, Doug N LB Western Oregon  Re-signed with EDM (02/14/18)
PETERS, Garry I DB Clemson Signed with BC (02/13/18)
ROTTIER, Simeon N OL Alberta
SHERRITT, J.C. I LB Eastern Washington  Extended with EDM (02/09/18)
SMITH, Jamill I WR Ball State  Re-signed with EDM (02/14/18)
STEINHAUER, Levi N FB Saskatchewan
TUCK, James N FB York Extended with EDM (02/06/18)
VAN, Travon I RB Montana Re-signed with EDM (02/16/18)
WALKER, Derel I WR Texas A&M Extended with EDM (01/12/18)
WATERS, Swayze I K Alabama Birmingham Signed with TOR (02/14/18)
WATSON, Cory N WR Concordia Signed with BC (02/14/18)
WHITE, John I RB Utah  Re-signed with EDM (02/15/18)
WHYTE, Sean N K South Fraser Rams Jrs. Extended with EDM (12/06/17)
ZYLSTRA, Brandon I WR Concordia College Signed NFL deal with Minnesota (01/03/18)


ARCENEAUX, Emmanuel I WR Alcorn State Extended with BC (12/11/17)
BAZZIE, Alex I DL Marshall Signed with EDM (02/13/18)
BENSON, Mike N LS Acadia Extended with BC (01/11/18)
CLARKE, Adrian N LB Bishop’s
FABIEN, Kirby N OL Calgary
FENNER, Chandler I DB Holy Cross  Signed with WPG (02/13/18)
FORDE, Maxx N DL Idaho Extended with BC (01/31/18)
HUSBAND, Cody N OL UBC Extended with BC (01/09/18)
JACKSON, Anthony I DB Pittsburgh
JOHNSON, Antonio I OL North Texas Extended with BC (01/09/18)
JOHNSON, Shaquille N WR Western University Extended with BC (01/19/18)
JONES, Andrew N OL McMaster
LEE, TJ I DB Eastern Washington Extended with BC (01/16/18)
LULAY, Travis I QB Montana State Extended with BC (02/12/18)
MENARD, David N DL Montreal Extended with BC (01/22/18)
MOORE, Nick I WR Toledo
PURIFOY, Loucheiz I DB Florida  Signed with OTT (02/13/18)
ROH, Craig I DL Michigan Signed with WPG (02/16/18)
STEWARD, Hunter N OL Liberty Extended with BC (02/01/18)
TURNER, Bryant I DL Alabama Birmingham
YELL, Ronnie I DB San Jose State Signed with TOR (02/15/18)