The 2020 CFL free agency period officially opens at 12:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Below lists the active players who will become CFL free agents should they not re-sign with their current respective team. The status column indicates whether a player has re-signed with his team or is still bound for the open market.

Note: The list does not include players who were free agents or released by their clubs before the end of the regular season as the list is exclusively for pending free agents.



ACKIE Chris N DB Wilfrid Laurier Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
ALFORD Mario A WR West Virginia Extended (01/22/20)
BANNER Bo N DL Central Washington Re-Signed with MTL (02/13/20)
BARON Woody A DT Virginia Tech Re-Signed with MTL (02/13/20)
BÉDARD Martin N LS Connecticut Re-Signed with MTL (02/25/20)
BROWN Ryan A DL Mississippi State Signed with BC (02/11/20)
EVANS Ciante A DB Nebraska Re-Signed with MTL (02/11/20)
FAUBERT-LUSSIER Felix N WR Laval Extended (01/31/20)
FOOTE Fabion N DL McMaster Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
JAMIESON Sean N OL Western University Extended (01/24/20)
JOHNSON Jeremiah A RB Oregon
KNAPTON Gabriel A DL Wyoming
KOZACHUK Paul N LB Toronto Signed with TOR (02/18/20)
LALAMA  DJ N LB Manitoba Extended (01/27/20)
LEVELS Patrick A DB Baylor Signed with HAM (02/12/20)
LEWIS Eugene A WR Oklahoma Extended (02/04/20)
MATTE Kristian N OL Concordia Extended (01/24/20)
MATTHEWS Chris A WR Kentucky
MOORE Spencer N FB McMaster Extended (01/23/20)
MURRAY Najee A CB Kent State Extended (01/31/20)
NORRIS Elijah A DL Shepherd College
PIPKIN Antonio A QB Tiffin Signed with EDM (02/13/20)
PLESIUS Frederic N LB Laval
POSEY DeVier A WR Ohio State Signed with HAM (02/12/20)
RICE Landon N OL Manitoba Extended (01/23/20)
RYAN Shakeir A WR Northwestern State Released (02/06/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
STANBACK William A RB Virginia Union Released (01/01/20)
STONE  Ryder N RB Dartmouth
TERMANSEN Dominique N DB UBC Extended (01/27/20)



ARBUCKLE Nick  A QB Georgia State Signed with OTT (01/31/20)
BALTIMORE Sherrod A DB Maine Extended (01/22/20)
BEHAR Nate N WR Carleton
BENSON Mike N LS Acadia Released (01/23/20)
Signed with MTL (01/27/20)
BOLDUC  Jean-Philippe N DB Laval
BOULAY Nicolas N LB Sherbrooke Released (01/23/20)
BOURASSA Louis-Philippe N LS Montreal Extended (12/27/19)
BROWN Kevin A LB Cincinnati Extended (02/11/20)
CIOFFI Anthony A DB Rutgers Signed with NY Jets (02/13/20)
COATE Seth A WR St. Francis University Released (01/23/20)
ELLIS Avery A DL Temple Extended (01/20/20)
EVANS Randall A DB Kansas State Extended (02/11/20)
FRANCIS Kevin N DB North Carolina A&T Signed with BC (02/11/20)
GOSSELIN Anthony N FB Sherbrooke Extended (01/22/20)
HARRIS R.J. A WR New Hampshire Extended (02/05/20)
HOLLEY Caleb A WR East Central C.C. Signed with BC (02/21/20)
HOWELL Justin N DB Carleton Extended (01/14/20)
JENNINGS Jonathon A QB Saginaw Valley State Released (01/23/20)
KNOX JR. Jeff A LB California U. of PA

Released (01/23/20)

Signed with Toronto (02/03/20)

LATTANZIO  Ettore N DL Ottawa

Re-signed with OTT (02/15/20)

LEONE Richie A K Houston Extended (02/02/20)
MACMILLAN Nolan N OL Iowa Extended (12/17/19)
MADU Mossis A RB Oklahoma Released (01/23/20)
MASON Danny A DE Texas A&M Commerce Extended (01/20/20)
MORRIS Greg N RB New Mexico Military Institute Released (01/23/20)
RANDLE Chris A DB Utah State
RHYMES Dominique A WR Murray State Signed with BC (02/21/20)
ROSE Jonathan A DB Nebraska
SCARFONE  Jacob N WR Guelph
TAVAI JR A DE USC Signed with BC (02/11/20)
WAKEFIELD Michael A DL Florida International Extended (01/20/20)
WALKER  Cameron N DL Guelph Released (01/23/20)
WARD Lewis N K Ottawa Extended (02/02/20)
WILLIAMS Avery A LB Temple Extended (01/31/20)
WOODSON Blaine A DL Delaware



ANTIGHA Oluwatobi A DL Presbyterian College SIgned with WPG (02/13/20)
AWE Micah A LB Texas Tech Signed with WPG (02/18/20)
BELTRE Frank A DE Towson University
BETHEL-THOMPSON Mcleod A QB Sacramento State Extended (02/04/20)
BISHOP Freddie III A DE Western Michigan
BOMBEN Ryan N OL Guelph Released (02/03/20)
BURKS Brandon A RB Troy Released (02/03/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
CAMPBELL Jamal N OL York Extended (02/03/20)
CHARETTE Alex N WR Guelph Released (02/03/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
COLEMAN Davon A DL Arizona State
EDWARDS Armanti A WR Appalachian State Signed with EDM (04/10/20)
FOGG Kevin A DB Liberty Released (02/07/20)
Signed with MTL (02/18/20)
FORD Qudarius A DB South Alabama Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
FRANKLIN James A QB Missouri Released (02/07/20)
Signed with SSK (02/11/20)
GABRIEL Jermaine N DB Bishop’s Signed with EDM (02/13/20)
GREEN S.J. A WR South Florida Released (02/07/20)
HERDMAN-REED Justin N LB Simon Fraser Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
HOLMES Tyler N OL Tulsa Released (02/07/20)
JOSEPH Roubbens A OL Buffalo Extended (12/12/19)
KANNEH Abdul A DB New Mexico Highlands Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
LAING Cleyon N DL Iowa State Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
MCEWEN Sean N OL Calgary Released (02/07/20)
Signed with CGY (02/08/20)
MEDEIROS Zackary N K Western University Released (02/07/20)
MINCY Jonathon A DB Auburn Released (02/07/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
NOEL Llevi N WR Toronto Extended (02/10/20)
PFEFFER Ronnie N K Wilfrid Laurier Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
PRUKOP Dakota A QB Oregon Released (02/07/20)
Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
RAINEY Chris A RB Florida Released (02/07/20)
Signed with BC (02/11/20)
RALPH  Jimmy N WR Alberta Released (02/07/20)
Signed with EDM (02/13/20)
REINHART Jake N LS Guelph Re-Signed (02/28/20)
RICHARDSON Shaquille A DB Arizona Extended (01/13/20)
SMITH Rodney A WR Florida State
STRIKER Eric A LB Oklahoma
WALKER Derel A WR Texas A&M
WASHINGTON Trumaine A DB Louisville Released (02/07/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
WILD Ian A LB Mercyhurst College
WOODS Bear A LB Troy Extended (12/04/19)
WORTHY Chandler A WR Troy Extended (12/02/19)



ADDISON Bralon A WR Oregon Released (01/02/20)
ADELEKE  Tunde N DB Carleton Extended (01/17/20)
BUREN  Justin N WR Simon Fraser
COOMBS Anthony N RB Manitoba Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
DALY Michael N DB McMaster Extended (12/30/19)
DAVIS Ja’Gared A DL Southern Methodist Extended (02/10/20)
FILER Mike N OL Mount Allison Extended (01/31/20)
HOWSARE Julian A DE Clarion Extended (01/14/20)
JONES Brian N WR Acadia Re-signed (02/11/20)
JONES Mike N WR Southern
LANGA  Jay N DB Saint Mary’s
LAURENT Ted N DL Mississippi Extended (01/09/20)
LEONARD Richard A DB Florida International Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
MARSHALL Cameron A RB Arizona State
MASOLI Jeremiah A QB Mississippi Extended (12/31/19)
MATHEWS Ryker A OL Brigham Young Signed with BC (02/11/20)
MCGOUGH  Connor N DL Calgary Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
MURRAY Rico A LB Kent State Extended (02/03/20)
NEWTON Curtis N LB Guelph Extended (01/15/19)
OKAFOR  Kay N OL St. Francis Xavier Extended (01/21/20)
ROLLE Jumal A DB Catawba Extended (01/31/20)
SHORTILL  Nicholas N LB McMaster Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
SUTTON Tyrell A RB Northwestern Signed with MTL (02/19/20)
TASKER Luke A WR Cornell
TRACY Adrian A DL William & Mary Signed with MTL (02/13/20)
TUGGLE Justin A LB Kansas State Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
WATFORD David A QB Hampton Extended (01/29/20)
WESTERMAN Jamaal N DL Rutgers
WILLIAMS Frankie A DB Purdue Extended (02/09/20)
WYNN Dylan A DL Oregon State Extended (02/11/20)


ADAMS Darvin A WR Auburn Extended (02/09/20)
AUGUSTINE Johnny N RB Guelph Extended (12/27/19)
BRYANT Stanley A OL East Carolina Extended (01/20/20)
COLLAROS Zach A QB Cincinnati Extended (01/27/19)
COUTURE Michael N OL Simon Fraser Extended (02/10/20)
FENNER Chandler A DB Holy Cross
HARDRICK Jermarcus A OL Nebraska Extended (12/14/19)
HECHT Jeff N DB Saint Mary’s
JEFFERSON Willie A DL Stephen F. Austin State Extended (02/10/20)
JONES Derek N DB Simon Fraser Signed with BC (02/11/20)
JONES Korey A LB Wyoming Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
MASTON Mercy A DB Boise State Extended (12/09/19)
MILES Thomas N LB Manitoba Re-Signed (02/11/20)
NELSON Charles A WR Oregon Extended (01/23/20)
NEUFELD Patrick N OL Saskatchewan Extended (12/10/19)
NEVIS Drake A DL Louisiana State Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
NICHOLS, Matt A QB Eastern Washington Released (01/28/20)
Signed with TOR (02/07/20)
ROH Craig A DE Michigan Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
ROSE Winston A DB New Mexico State Released (12/27/19)
SAYLES Marcus A DB West Georgia Released (01/01/20)
STREVELER Chris A QB South Dakota Released (02/03/20)
TAYLOR Nicholas A DB Florida International Extended (01/20/20)
THOMAS Jake N DL Acadia Extended (01/31/20)
WOLITARSKY Drew N WR Minnesota Extended (12/15/19)


ARCENEAUX Emmanuel A WR Alcorn State
AWACHIE  Albert N WR Toronto Extended (01/31/20)
BARTLETT  Brandyn N LB Tusculum College
BLADEK  Dariusz N OL Bethune-Cookman Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BLAKE Philip N OL Baylor Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BOUKA Elie N DB Calgary Extended (12/18/19)
CLARK Dan N OL Regina Jrs. Extended (12/27/19)
COFIELD Takoby A OL Duke Extended (02/02/20)
COLEMAN Thaddeus A OL Mississippi Valley State
DAVIS DyShawn A LB Syracuse Signed with BC (02/19/20)
EDWARDS Lavar A DL Louisiana State
ELIMIMIAN Solomon A LB Hawaii Extended (02/11/20)
EVANS Shaquelle A WR UCLA Extended (02/07/20)
GAGNE Alexandre N LB Sherbrooke Signed with MTL (02/12/20)
GAINEY Ed A DB Appalachian State Extended (02/06/20)
GETER Chad A LB Gardner-Webb Extended (12/26/19)
HENRY Makana N DL Burlington Jrs. Extended (11/29/19)
HURL Sam N LB Calgary
HUS  Jorgen N LS Regina Extended (01/14/20)
JOHNSON Micah A DL Kentucky Signed with BC (02/11/20)
JUDGE Cameron N LB UCLA Extended (02/02/20)
LAFRANCE  Kienan N RB Manitoba Extended (12/16/19)
LEONARD A.C. A DL Tennessee State Extended (01/22/20)
MARSHALL Nick A DB Auburn Extended (01/08/20)
MONCRIEF Derrick A LB Oklahoma State Released (01/08/20)
RADFORD Denzel N DB Calgary Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
REAVES Jordan N DB Brandon University Re-signed (02/11/20)
ROOSEVELT Naaman A WR Buffalo Signed with MTL (02/26/20)
RYAN Jonathan N P Regina Extended (02/05/20)
THIGPEN Marcus A RB Indiana Released (02/05/20)
Signed with TOR (02/10/20)
WATSON Cory N WR Concordia
ZVER  Jeremy N OL Regina


AMOS DaShaun A DB East Carolina Released (01/15/20)
BALL Marcus A LB Memphis
BEGELTON Reggie A WR Lamar Released (01/02/20)
BERGER Adam N DB Simon Fraser
BRESCACIN Juwan N WR Northern Illinois Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
CASHER Chris A DL Faulkner University Signed with BC (02/11/20)
COZART Montell A QB Boise State Re-signed (02/11/20)
DENNIS Derek A OL Temple
GREENWOOD Cory N LB Concordia
HARTLEY Austen N WR Calgary
JACKSON Don A RB Nevada Signed with HAM (02/11/20) 
KASITATI Nila A OL Oklahoma Extended (01/22/20)
LAW Cordarro A DL Southern Mississippi Extended (12/12/19)
LAWRENCE  Justin N OL Alberta Extended (12/05/19)
MCLENNAN Ivan A DL Washington State
MILANOVIC-LITRE Ante N LB Simon Fraser Extended (12/09/19)
MORRIS Romar A RB North Carolina
MRABURE Ese N DL Wilfrid Laurier
ORIMOLADE Folarin A DL Dartmouth Extended (12/13/19)
ROSE Mike A DL North Carolina State Extended (01/21/20)
STEPHEN Courtney N DB Northern Illinois Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
TURNER Junior N DL Bishop’s
WALL Jamar A CB Texas Tech Extended (12/06/19)
WESTERMAN Jabar N DL Eastern Michigan
WIGGAN  Derek N DL Queen’s Extended (12/03/19)
WILLIAMS Terry A RB Kutztown Signed with EDM (02/25/20)
WILLIAMS Ucambre A OL South Alabama Extended (12/13/19)



ADAMS Johnny A DB Michigan State
BAZZIE Alex A DL Marshall Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BEARD  David N OL Alberta Extended (01/29/20)
BOND Travis A OL North Carolina
COLQUHOUN Arjen N DB Michigan State Signed with TOR (02/14/20)
COOPER Shaquille A RB Fort Hays State Extended (01/08/20)
DANIELS DaVaris A WR Notre Dame Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
DEAN Larry A LB Valdosta State Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
DRAHEIM Tommie A OL San Diego State Re-Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
GLASS Tyquwan A DB Fresno State Signed with MTL (02/11/20)
HOOVER  Jordan N DB Waterloo Extended (01/30/20)
HUNTER Monshadrik A DB Arkansas State Signed with MTL (02/12/20)
JACKSON Martese A RB Florida Atlantic
JOHNSON Josh A DB Purdue

Signed with WPG (02/11/20)

JONES Christion A RB Alabama Extended (01/27/20)
JOSEPH Jesse N DL Connecticut
KILGORE Logan A QB Middle Tennessee State Extended (02/11/20)
MACKIE Mark N DL McMaster Extended (02/11/20)
MARSHALL Andrew N DL Simon Fraser
MCCARTY Calvin N FB Western Washington
MCKNIGHT Maurice A DB San Jose State
MOORE Mike A DL Virginia Extended (01/31/20)
MULUMBA-TSHIMANGA, Christophe N LB Maine Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
PARKER Anthony N WR Calgary Extended (02/06/20)
RUBY  Jacob N OL Richmond Extended (01/31/20)
SANTOS-KNOX Jovan A LB Massachusetts Extended (02/06/20)
SMITH Jamill A WR Ball State
ST. JOHN Josiah N OL Oklahoma Signed with SSK (02/12/20)
TUCK James N FB York Extended (02/05/20)
UNAMBA Don A DB Southern Arkansas Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
USHER Nick A DL Texas El Paso Released (01/02/20)
WALKER Brian A DB Fayetteville State Extended (01/08/20)


BARTEL Josh N P No College
BRIDGE Brandon N QB South Alabama
BUNDY Marquis A WR New Mexico
BUTLER Crezdon A DB Clemson Signed with TOR (02/19/20)
CHAGNON Frederic N LB Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
DOZIER Branden A DB UNC Charlotte Signed with BC (02/11/20)
EDWARDS Chris A DB Idaho Released (01/07/20)
FOUCAULT David N OL Montreal
GODIN  Edward N DL Laval
GRYMES Aaron A DB Idaho Extended (01/29/20)
HARRIS Maleki A LB South Alabama
JOHNSON Antonio A OL North Texas
JOHNSON Shaquille N WR London Beefeaters Extended (12/19/19)
KONAR  Adam N LB Calgary Extended (12/19/19)
LANKFORD Ryan A WR Illinois
LEMON Shawn A DL Akron
LUKE  Junior N DL Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
MBAYE Khadim N LB Ottawa
MENARD David N DL Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
NEWSOME Jonathan A DL Ball State Extended (01/17/20)
O’BRIEN Danny A QB Catawba Retired (12/13/19)
PETERS Garry A DB Clemson Extended (02/11/20)
RENFROW Justin A OL Miami Signed with EDM (02/19/20)
ROY Jean-Simon N OL Laval Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
RUTLEY Brandon A RB San Jose State Extended (12/05/19)
SIMONISE Rashaun N WR Calgary
STEWARD Hunter N OL Liberty Extended (01/30/20)
THOMPSON Anthony N DB Southern Illinois
WILLIS Odell A DL West Georgia
WOODMAN Josh N DB Western University